Welcome and Inclusion Working Group member Linda Lyons sends us a message about Juneteenth.

Monday is Juneteenth, a unique holiday that started in Texas and is now officially celebrated nationally.  It commemorates June 19, 1865, the day Union Major General Gordon Granger announced in Galveston, Texas the emancipation of slaves in Texas.

I don’t believe it’s an  understatement to say it’s one of the important anniversaries on the calendar, for it’s the day that slaves in Texas first learned they were free, and it marks a major point in our national mission. The promise that “all men are created equal” in hopes it could truly be fulfilled.

On this date we should be empowered by learning from our past, embraces our differences and loving one another as Christ has loved us.

Be encouraged to take some time this year to reflect on how we can make the legacy of Juneteenth relevant in our own lives. It starts by treating all people fairly, respectfully and equally in all that we do.

 Happy Juneteenth!

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